Students Achieving Greatness (SAG):
Our partnership with the San Diego Unified School District allows us to work with the 10 to succeed program at three major underprivileged high schools in San Diego. Throughout the 10 to Succeed program we work with students who are border line in their academics and citizenship. YAB provides mentorship with a goal to increase student’s grades and classroom attendance by providing positive guided youth attention in hopes of changing them from a destructive background.
Town and Country:
YAB currently facilitates a male mentorship program at Town and Country.
Workforce Initiative:
The workforce initiative is designed to provide students with a venue for exploring their future career choices. Many of the youth in this program have ideas of what they want to do with their future, but are not sure of what steps are necessary in order to reach their desired profession. Through the workforce initiative we are able to take the students to any particular field of choice and let them intern so they will be better prepared for the work they would be committing to in the future. The benefit of the workforce initiative is that students begin working towards their future goals while still in high school.
Youth Leadership Program:
The organization also has a leadership development group that consists of high school and college students who are present in the community. These members are not a part of other programs that work within the school district. Instead, these students are the ones who make decisions about the direction of YAB, along with executing positive programming that aids the needs of disadvantage youth in the community like “A Day in the Fourth.” YAB’s main goal is to increase youth leadership in the community and to continue to promote “I Want to Live: The Movement.”