I Want To Live: The Movement
The Movement’s mission is to successfully decrease the amount of violence and acts of negativity that plagues our community while bringing forth unity in our City.
Job Fairs
With the importance and need for employment in the community, Y.A.B. puts together job fairs to help provide the opportunity for youth and young adult employment.
SAT Workshops
Y.A.B. knows the importance of receiving a good education. SAT workshops provide students with the opportunity to plan and prepare for college admittance.
Community Service
Y.A.B participates in numerous amounts of community service projects; from community clean ups, tutoring, community events and "A Day A Day in the 4th". A Day in the 4th is a day of peace in the community. Families and community members enjoy the talents and businesses of the community.volunteering.
Y.A.B participates in a variety of parades in the City of San Diego. Parades give Y.A.B a chance to showcase the organization and promote youth that our assisting in creating positive change within the communities.