San Diego Youth Action Board (YAB) is a non-profit organization that provides innovative youth driven leadership to disadvantage youth. Y.A.B. allows a positive platform for young voices to be heard in a community that threatens to silence their dreams/ ambitions. We have a vision to inspire youth to believe they are capable of forming a community that is positive, prosperous and united. Through leadership, education, community building, and the workforce we create, plan and implement activities, programs, events and workshops that raise awareness and create change that reaches solutions to the issues that hinder the growth of our youth in society.

We are motivated to become a lasting institution within the City of San Diego. Every year the group takes in new high school students from all ages and nationalities that are willing to make a change as well as gain valuable experience to assist them. The organization has been growing rapidly over the years, gaining the respect of the constituents in the community.

We collaborate with San Diego City Council, middle schools, high schools, churches, other non- profit based organizations, to produce results through innovative problem solving.

The San Diego Youth Action Board (Y.A.B) consists of highly motivated youth and young adults who have a desire to use their experience and knowledge to help make a positive difference in their community.

As members of YAB we are dedicated students first, and community builders second. We understand that the key to success is through higher education, hard work, and focus. Our organization is about more than just community service and event planning, we inspire to be the future leaders of the world and to help others reach their fullest potential. Through “I Want to Live” the movement we aspire to be living role models proving that any dream worth living is attainable.

The late Councilman Charles Lewis understood the youth of today would be the rulers of tomorrow and assembled a group of students that would respectfully address the problems within and generate improvements/solutions for the Fourth District of San Diego.

The San Diego Youth Action Board (Y.A.B) was created and developed as a tool allowing students within the Fourth District to voice their concerns and discuss their plan to enhance their community; giving them an opportunity to be heard by their peers as well as elders.